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Dutch Carboneers (Carboneers United B.V.)

Biochar with Smallholder Famers in India, Odisha




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Pyrolysis, Biomass

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About the project

Biochar is a major asset for arid and depleted soils. It increases the microbial presence and activity in the soil, it enhances the water holding capacity and it improves the nutrient retention. These benefits apply best to tropical and subtropical soils where it significantly increases crop yields. Often, biochar is made with million-dollar installations, but in rural decentralized agricultural areas in the global south, this is not feasible. However, biochar has been used by farmers to enhance their soils over thousands of years around the world. Dutch Carboneers focuses on decentralized biochar project development in which the farmers benefit from crop yield increase as well as financial benefits that are derived from the sales of carbon credits. Dutch Carboneers, together with its local partners, provides farmers with the right tools, training, technology and certification to create biochar in a sustainable manner. Local supervisors and managers are provided with a mobile application in which all necessary information is uploaded which is needed for traceability and transparency. All biochar is produced according to the Global Artisan C-Sink Guidelines, and audited by third party auditors. Biochar carbon credits are registered within the C-Sink Registry of Carbon Standards International. Besides being a direct carbon sink, biochar is a means to far more Sustainable Development Goals than just Climate Action. To learn more about the SDGs and the whole project, please take a look at the slide deck!

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