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CEEZER TradeCo GmbH (Resell Credits) (Guizhou Xinzhanxin Agricultural Technology Co., Ltd. credits)

Huadu Afforestation Project



Ecosystem restoration

Project activity

Afforestation, Reforestation, Forestry


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by CTI Certification Co., Ltd.

About the project

Huadu Afforestation Project (hereafter refer to as “the project”) is located within Bijie City, Guizhou Province of China. 43,600 ha (654,000 Mu) of forest was planted on barren lands in Bijie City which used to be poor sustainable ecological environment and karst rocky desertification. The project aims to plant native species on barren lands for GHG removal whilst contributing to local sustainable development goals. The Project Proponent will profit-share with the villagers from selling VCUs. The implementation of the project activity has provided 25,615 jobs for local villagers, among which 60 percent are women. The project activity aims to: - Sequester greenhouse gas and mitigate climate change; - Enhance biodiversity conservation by increasing the connectivity of forests; - Improve soil and water conservation in the Karst region; - Generate income and job opportunities for local communities. There is no natural renewal and reforestation before the project, and all sites were covered by the barren hill and degraded lands. The main objective specie are China fir, Cypresses and Pinus armandi which are native species according to the baseline survey. The implementation of the project is expected to reduce the GHG emissions amounting to 21,072,163 tCO2e in 30 years, with an average annual GHG emission removal of 702,405 tCO2e.

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